Winter Priorities, Heat System Check-Up & Home Insurance Tune-Up

The winter months are coming on strong here in North Carolina and that usually means higher energy bills for us all. 

How can we all prevent wasted electricity and higher bills? 
We will all be striving to lower our utility bills.
Here in Carolina, it’s safe to say that most of us heat our houses with heat pumps. 
An efficient heat pump should be part of your overall energy plan. 
A heat pump can actually be called your most important appliance. A tune up or a change out can save you money in the long run. 
Check your S.E.E.R. rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) on your heat pump. The higher the rating, the higher efficiency of your heat pump. 
Have a qualified technician come to your home and inspect your system at least twice a year. 
An inspection can detect problems and and avoid break downs.
It’s the equipment failures that cost big money, so avoid those with simple yearly inspections. 
You would be surprised what a simple cleaning of your system can do for the efficiency and cost savings.
Regular maintenance will give your system a longer life. 
Just as you would maintain the heating and cooling system of your home, the cold months ahead mean it’s time for an insurance check-up as well. 
This is a great time of year to let Spivey Insurance give all of your home policies an inspection and tune-up. 
It’s one of the easiest things we can do for you to make sure you are completely covered and also a chance for us to save you some money. 
If there are any issues in your home, cold weather is sure to bring it to the forefront. 
Don’t get left out in the cold in case you have to make a claim this winter. 
If you presently have insurance with Spivey Insurance, call us for a review. 
If you have insurance with someone else, call us and find out why we have the best customer service & insurance rates in the entire Charlotte area. 
We are local, we answer our phones and we are your neighbor. 
We take your financial security personally. 
Give us an opportunity to prove it. Call 704-821-4460.

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