What You Need To Know About Frozen Pipes At Home

Freezing temperatures aren’t something new for our area when this time of year is upon us. Although, the number of homes in our area that are having problems with busted water pipes is scary!


Ways to prevent pipes from freezing is to make sure that they are insulated with some type of foam. Home Improvement stores offer foam material that can be used to wrap pipes, or pool foam noodles that are used during the summer in the pool can be used as well. Just slice the noodle and slide it over the pipes.


If your home has a well, make sure that your well is kept warm. Many people put a heat lamp in their pump house to reduce the likelihood of the well freezing.


Also, letting water drip from the faucet can be used as well. This method doesn’t ensure that your pipes will not freeze because there’s no substitution for insulation.


As always, we are here for you to answer any questions you may have regarding problems. Please call us first so we can assist you if repairs or filing a claim is needed. We are here for you!


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